Angel-4-Life Program

At Guardian HomeCare, You’ve Got An Angel-4-Life to watch over and manage all aspects of the health care needs for your loved one. Continuum of Care is vital for positive overall outcomes, and you can count on Guardian HomeCare’s health care professionals to be there to monitor, plan, and guide your family through all the health care processes.

A lot of families feel like they cannot dedicate enough time, they live too far away, they have families of their own to deal with or physically are unable to meet the demands of seeing their loved ones through all of the daily medical challenges. Let us be the Guardian Angel you need when you aren’t able to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care they deserve. We will set your mind at ease as our health care experts remove some of the burdens for the family member who lives too far away, the burdened neighbor or the best friend that is called to help in desperate times. At the time of admission, families can decide how involved they would like Guardian HomeCare to be for some of these angel services depending on their individual family support level.These services are available 7 days a week / 24 hours a day and include a Registered Nurse and a Scheduler on-call 24/7 for your convenience.

Angel-4-Life Services

  • When a patient enters the hospital or rehabilitation facility we will go to the patients’ room to check on our patient to ensure appropriate care is being given. We will communicate with all the doctors, therapists, and nurses involved in your loved ones care to ensure a continuum of care. We will facilitate discharge planning to ensure that your loved one has everything they need when they come home and that doctors orders have been written for necessary care and equipment.
  • When a patient needs to go to the doctor or outpatient therapy we can go with them to communicate with the doctors, therapists and nurses. After the visit we will give family members a full report of the visit verbally or in writing.
  • We will be there for all equipment delivery to ensure training and safety.
  • We can visit the patient at home as often as requested to ensure the patients status has not changed or worsened. This will help prevent falls, medication errors, bad hygiene, poor nutrition, and worse case institutionalization.
  • In our visits, however frequent, we can assist with money management to ensure bills are getting paid timely and correctly. We can also monitor funds to prevent patients from being taken advantage of.
  • In our visits we can take clients to religious activities, feed and walk pets, go to social events, out to eat, away on vacation, out on their boat, to the beach, or just about anything one could think of…
  • During our visits we complete a home safety evaluation and can call you to give a report or send it to you in writing. This will include all suggested improvements for home care and a list of problems that must be addressed and fixed right away.
  • We will ensure that all resources available for your loved ones are utilized. These resources include: Medical Equipment, Transportation, Medical or Diabetic Supplies, Medical Devices, Social Workers, Insurances, Yard Maintenance, Home Repairs, Massage Therapy